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  • UNLIMITED Networking Opportunities:
    Gain instant access to our growing list of B2B SaaS Founders who want you to reach out and connect with them.
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    Join or create your own Mastermind or Networking events for your specific role, country or niche.
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    Slack, Discord, and Facebook are all too distracting. L.E.A.P is hosted on a private community platform with ZERO ads, distractions, memes or political posts. All B2B SaaS, all the time.
  • Daily Tips, Tricks, and Techniques from the "trenches" on what's working NOW to grow B2B SaaS:
    Get daily strategies from B2B SaaS Founders on what's working now to Acquire, Convert, and Retain power users. 100% Fresh. No B.S.
  • BONUS #1: Free Customer Journey Map Builder ($197 Value)
    You'll get instant access to a tool that will show you the steps new users need to take that activate, use your app, convert, and retain them.
  • BONUS #2: FREE Onboarding Builder SOP ($997 Value)
    Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to create a low-touch, PLG onboarding flow that will increase your trial-to-paid conversions by up to 27% (including email templates, frameworks, and step-by-step training).

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